Treat your mom to unique sweet treats this Mother’s Day!

Anyone who helped raise you, held your hand, picked you up when you fell, taught you valuable life lessons, and loved you unconditionally deserves appreciation. And it’s time to celebrate them this Mother’s Day!spring-buffet-tulip

Chocolate can make any special occasion sweeter, but how about a savory twist on this classic gift? Try Sunbursts Chocolate Sunflower Seeds! Each sunflower kernel is covered in a fine layer of cocoa, then coated with a colorful pastel candy shell. They’re healthful and delicious!

Or, if you’re having difficulty deciding between candy and flowers, check out these Tulip Lollipops! Delightful colors and shapes reminiscent of springtime blossoms are captured in fruit-flavored hard candy.

For the mom, grandma, or neighbor who loved to bake you goodies as a special treat, this Jelly Belly Ceramic Cupcake makes an adorable gift. Filled with jelly beans, it’s the perfect decoration for a desk or kitchen counter. As a bonus, it can be refilled with other candy favorites!

Be sure to check out our entire Mother’s Day candy selection! Or personalize your order further by incorporating Mom’s favorite colors and flavors. Use our Shop by Color or Shop by Flavor menus to make Mom’s gift as unique and sweet as she is!

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