Un”bear”ably Adorable Accents for Your Home or Office!


A few weeks back, one of our candy elves tried pushing a giant gummy bear into an electrical outlet, hoping that the delicious candy would magically conduct electricity and illuminate our dark offices at night. Not long afterwards, another elf ventured to add a few pictures to our lunchroom pegboard using gummi bears as tacks, only to have the sweet treats slide down the canvas and the pictures fall sadly to the floor.


Thankfully, our failed attempts at having gummy bears play a larger role in our lives can now be fulfilled with a new variety of gummies that are versatile enough to make these dreams come true!

Illuminate your dark hallways and rooms with a ridiculously cute Gummy Bear Night Light! This squishy, colorful accessory looks and feels like a real gummy bear, but he’s 100 times bigger and infinitely more useful around the house. Squeeze his soft, round belly and a high-powered LED light will switch on to illuminate the darkness, guiding your path during any midnight snack mission.

(Just try not to mistake him for a sweet treat! This is one gummy friend that isn’t munch-able.)

Sure, they’re sticky, but, as our candy elf recently realized, gummy bears do not make a reliable means of pinning pictures and to-do lists to fridges, lockers, or white boards. But there is a new solution: Gummy Bear Magnets! These squidgy friends come in red, white, green, orange, and yellow colors, and the best part is that they’ll stick to your fridge, not your fingers.

And if you’re looking for a bear buddy for the bath or shower, check out these fruit-scented Gummy Bear Soaps! They come in a variety of enchanting aromas and colors, and they’re great for cleaning up sticky messes! Just remember, these delightful, skin-friendly, glycerine-based bear soaps are great for washing, but bad for eating.

If you’re a true devotee of all things sweet and sugary, then it’s time to expand your gummy-loving horizons with Gummy Bear Night Lights, Magnets, and Soap!

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