Gruesome Gummies Goodness + Crystal Head Vodka = Best Halloween Ever!

Throwing a haunted Halloween bash? If you want to do it right, you’re going to need your party to disturb and delight. We’ve got all sorts of creepy, crawly candies, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort to make your event especially memorable, then here’s a party idea that’s sure to thrill in more ways than one: Vodka-infused gummy candy!


If you think the idea sounds fun, just wait until you taste ’em!

We teamed up with Crystal Head Vodka to bring you the wildest and most extraordinary of Halloween gummy concoctions! Of course, before we get started, we’d just like to mention this party idea is intended only for adults ages 21+. Though if any kiddies out there want to employ a soda substitute, it could make for an interesting experiment!

Soaking gummies in vodka puts the perfect adult twist on a popular childhood snack — it’s a yummy, fruity treat with a kick! We wanted to shake things up for Halloween, so we went with gummies a little creepier than your average bear… and it sure paid off! For a seasonal twist on the classic favorite, we used Jelly Filled Gummy Brains, Gummy Bones, and Gourmet Gummy Skulls. (Also note that these methods work just as well with sugar-free gummies, so feel free to investigate options based upon your own candy preferences!)

We used the award winning Crystal Head Vodka in our recipe –- quadruple distilled and seven-times filtered, Crystal head is pure and incredibly smooth. And we wanted only the best for our drunken gummies! Best of all, it comes in an eerie skull-shaped bottle -– perfect for decorating your Halloween party, even after the last delicious drop has been finished off!

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Have you ever seen a more perfect Halloween decoration?

Once the gummies are all done, just remember to pace yourself and watch how many you eat at once — these little treats have a very high BAC (Brain/Bone Alcohol Content). Now that the disclaimers are over, let’s get to creating some creepy concoctions!

Things you will need:
Vodka (we personally prefer Crystal Head)
Gummies of your choice
A glass container (plastic and vodka don’t mix well!)
Saran wrap


Our initial set up

First, put your gory gummies into a glass dish. Next, pour vodka into the dish until it completely covers all the candy. The gummies will absorb the vodka until they have swelled to full capacity, so if you’re looking for a sweeter, less alcoholic taste, don’t add as much vodka. You can always perform a taste test later (completely in the name of science, of course) and add more alcohol if you see fit!


Step 1: Complete!

Cover the dish with saran wrap, then put it in the fridge. After the first few hours, you’ll notice the chewy treats have swollen slightly in size. Check out the images we took after the first five hours of soaking (below). This, we imagine, is what a tipsy brain looks like!


After the first five hours

We suggest soaking the treats for at least two to three days total. When it comes time to remove the gummies, use a spoon or a spatula to do so carefully. They’ll be swollen, slippery, grotesque, and probably a little hungover. There will also be some colorful, gummy-specked vodka left in the container… it works great as a vile-looking Halloween drink (but in all reality, it’ll just taste like a gooey, gummy-flavored shot!)


Day 3 — just look at the size of those gummies!

Now place your little alcoholic gummies out for guests to enjoy, and get ready to alarm, disgust, and be showered with praise. Happy munching, and enjoy responsibly!

(If you want to check out Crystal Head‘s excellent vodka, check here for a store near you!)


Final product: Twice the size and three times the fun!

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